What is a dog crate?

Using large crates is the warehouse of steel wire, metal or plastic with a door where a dog can be reserved for refuge, safety or transport. Dog crates can protect the home and when moving to new surroundings. Crates are sometimes a very controversial topic among dog lovers, and that’s understandable because, as with most things, people get carried away.

For what purposes should we use dog cages?

Crates are usually used to train puppies so that they get used to a certain area of ​​the house and prevent them from damaging other household materials such as furniture, cushions or dishes. We should use crates for the training of our pets and their protection, no matter how many people use it as a form of punishment and it can lead to counterproductive results.

The downside of using dog crates as punishment:

If you want to give your puppy a punishment, let it go in a separate area instead of sending it to the crate or kennel. Using the crate as punishment makes puppies very insecure and also makes them feel isolated. You should not create the concept in the minds of puppies that crates are for punishment. This will make them difficult to manage and if a puppy doesn’t trust you, training them will be next to impossible.

Using crates as punishment makes puppies feel insecure:

Crates are a very safe place to keep dogs. They consider it a heaven where they can eat, they can sleep easily, and they can move or can sit easily, but these crates are not made to keep the kids inside all day.

Disadvantages of punishment:

Punishment has many disadvantages that affect the dogs and their health. So, the following are the disadvantages of giving punishment to the dogs:

Punishment weakens dogs:

  • Dogs feel insecure about the punishment

  • Dogs’ health can be affected by punishment

  • Punishment makes them feel isolated

  • Dogs become difficult in punishment


The main purpose of the dog crate is to create a positive image for your dog. Dogs feel safe and calm in crates, provided you match the time spent in the crate with love. To ensure your dog is happy in the crate, give him time to adjust and change your schedule to give him enough time for outdoor activities. According to the explanation above, in a nutshell, dogs should be crated for the following purposes:

  • For training dogs

  • To keep an eye on your pets

  • For their protection from any harm

So you should follow all these instructions to make your dog feel safe and secure.

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