Tips on Entertaining Indoor Cats

The majority of cat owners advocate engaging in interactive play with their pets.However, many of them are unable to be present at all times.When you can’t be there to supervise them, there are certain ways to let your feline friends have fun while still keeping them safe.
Adopt a friend Cats are not lonely, contrary to popular belief.They are social animals who enjoy having a friend, especially when adopted as young animals.When you are not around, two cats can play together and keep you occupied.Instead of ripping your sofa, they fight with each other.
Cats don’t care how much you spend on them if you give them cheap things to do.They can entertain themselves with a paper bag or empty box.They will enjoy patting their paws when you leave a ping pong ball in an empty bathtub.They are also prevented from entering the furniture by the tub.Choose toys that are light, noisy, and simple to move around.Cats can be kept occupied and the environment enhanced by adding cat trees or tunnels.Give your cat fresh catnip to experience an unprecedented high.They’ll fall asleep and keep away from your valuables.
Kitty TV DVDs and channels provide cats with a wealth of visual entertainment.However, many cats would rather watch something that actually happens.To provide your cat with endless hours of entertainment, place a bird bath and some feeders close to its preferred lookout.
Various types of Play

Social play is playing with different cats or people.This might mean playing tag with your siblings or holding onto your toes.Between the ages of 9 and 16 weeks, kittens engage in a lot of social play, but after that, this activity decreases.
Toy play is an example of object play.Anything, even the fragile china on your table, can be a toy for cats.Cats have a tendency to eagerly respond to vertical movement in their line of vision, which stimulates their play behavior.
Playing with oneself, such as chasing one’s tail or pouncing on imaginary objects, is known as self-directed play.This occurs as an alternative to social play when they do not have a playmate.
When the cat is only moving, it is playing locomotive.This could be done by going it alone and pouncing on imaginary targets, or it could involve other people.
Cats play to have fun, that’s the bottom line.It is normal for them to take their playtime seriously.Even though some cats are more playful than others, all felines benefit physically and emotionally from playing and having fun.If you plan to travel, buy your cat specialized toys in advance.Your cat might even get you to leave in this way.

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