Remember back in January when you made your plans for the new year? How are those plans coming? Ask yourself honestly, how am I doing? What have I accomplished and what have I procrastinated on? There are several good books on this topic that give tips and ideas to keep you moving. One you might like Rhinoceros Success by Scott Alexander. This is a fun, short and easy to read book that will inspire any action oriented person to get moving! Scott Alexander takes a creative approach to get you ready to move on to action!

The author assumes that there are two types of people in the world, cows and rhinos. You get to choose which one you want to be.

The fact that you are reading this article suggests that you are already Rhino material! Rhinos are the people who go ahead and don’t let things get them down. They get things done and see opportunities even in adverse circumstances. Obstacles are only obstacles to break through, not immobilizing roadblocks. Now realistically, every rhino is going to have some “cow” days; the trick is to be a cow as little as possible because rhinos simply get more done and are more successful. Cows have a completely different purpose and are OK with mediocre, good enough and just content to live in fenced pastures and chew the cud. I’m not going to focus on cows because the rhino is the one who makes things happen and moves on through the jungle of life!

Strategies for living your purpose and expanding your awareness of life, people and the possibilities of each day:

Rhino Mindset:

Positive self-talk. Scott Alexander talks about daily reading a focus statement. He suggests, “I’m a rhinoceros. I have one [darn]-the torpedo spirit! I’m full of energy and I can’t wait to get up in the morning to start charging!” Now, write your big picture and get started!

Expect torpedoes. These are the obstacles and negative things that inevitably discourage, distract or serve to derail you. Expect them and commit to not letting them get you down. Develop a tough, thick skin so you can keep charging. These are qualities such as self-confidence, perseverance, discipline, focus and determination.

Rhino Behavior:

Action is important. Choose the most important thing you need to get done each day and do it first, before the smaller and more seductive things (checking email, cleaning, personal conversations, coffee breaks, etc.) Also write down the 4 other important things you need to get done and focus on doing it. Make it your goal to achieve these 5 key elements every day.

CHARGE! Neshorn is in the business of “charging” forward. They have a goal in mind (the goal) and are focused and go for it. Since you have already developed your plan, you can be confident in the responsibility. Go to the next step and get it done. The success of big goals happens one step at a time. Whatever you do, do something, stay in action and keep moving forward.

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