Devoted cat parents would worry about the contents of commercial cat food. Often, first-time cat parents are guided by buying cat food straight off the grocery shelf without really knowing if it is good for their pet. There are many reports that popular brands of cat food have been recalled due to some negative effects of their products. This adds to the dilemma of the cat parent when it comes to feeding their pets the right food that is truly healthy and beneficial for them.

According to some reports, the best cat food you should feed must be similar to the type of food they eat in the wild. You must remember that cats are born hunters and predators. They occasionally eat grass, leaves and some vegetation when they feel some intestinal problems. Sometimes cats just do it for the heck of it. By nature, cats don’t really need to drink a lot of water because they get the liquid they need from the meat of their prey.

Which comes to my conclusion, that the best alternative to cat food that you can give your pet is actually real and natural food. These foods are in the form of meat, grains and vegetables. To be exact, the proportions of the best natural cat food should be 60% protein, 20% grains and 20% vegetables.

Therefore, the 60-20-20 rule is in the natural diet of a cat. It is much healthier, chemical-free and completely safe for your pet.

60% of the protein in the natural cat diet comes from raw or cooked meat such as minced meat, turkey, chicken, rabbit, fish and organ meat. You can prepare these by steaming them lightly or by boiling them. You can also feed your cat eggs, but limit the feeding to just once a week. Organ meat should be given as a treat and in very minimal amounts such as 2 teaspoons once or twice a week.

20% of their plant-based diet comes from a wide variety of vegetables. You can feed cats steamed broccoli, zucchini, carrots, cauliflower, squash, corn, potatoes and chayote. Some cats have preferences for leafy vegetables such as water spinach or Chinese lettuce. You can also give cats cut up fruit such as melon, mango and apples. To make it easy for them to eat and digest the vegetables and fruits, be sure to wash and cook or boil them a little. It would help if you cut these into tiny cubes or mash them and mix them with dry cat food or cooked grains like rice.

20% of the cat’s diet should also contain grains. Surprisingly, although most people know that cats are carnivores, they need some grain in their diet. It is actually good for their digestive system. Brown rice is the most preferred type of grain that you should feed your cats. It can be served steamed or boiled, and then pureed finely mixed with a little chicken broth together with some meat and vegetables. You can also use grains such as oatmeal, amaranth, couscous, millet, barley.

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