I have to admit that I am a do-it-yourself freak. I enjoy building just about anything from sheds to dog houses, to platform beds. On my last project building a dog house, I had to ask myself the question, should I have windows in the dog house I am building? Sheds have windows, real houses have windows, but do doghouses need windows?

I started scouring the internet looking for some reliable dog house plans. I also did some research to find out why most dog houses don’t have windows. Here’s what I came up with. First, even dogs like to look out the window when they are inside your house, most of the time, which is because they want to go out to chase a bird or a squirrel. Or maybe they just want to go out and sniff around. If they are in a dog house, they can simply leave the house and go into the garden without you letting them out.

Second, if the dog’s house has windows, there is almost no likelihood that they will stay clean. The dog’s nose will be all over the window and it will get dirty in no time flat, which means he will no longer have a window to look out.

Now for the most important reasons kennels do not have windows. They simply do not do as good a job of keeping the heat in as a solid insulated wall. In the same way, they let in too much heat in the summer, and the house will no longer stay as cool as you would like. There are a few things you can do to help this, especially the location of the doghouse in your yard. You can place it near a fence, near your house or under a large tree. This will also help.

Of course, you can use the dog door as a window to the dog’s home. These clear plastic doors will help keep the elements out and will give your dog a place to look out if he wants to. If you are going to build your own house for your dog, I recommend that you build an insulated dog house that is easy to clean. I would have either the roof or one of the walls open so you can easily clean the dog’s home on a regular basis. You may also want to invest in a digging bed during the winter months or add a heater to keep your dog nice and warm.

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