Before I go into and write an article on how to deal with the life sentences and baggage you have found, I feel there is a need to answer an “argument” that many people have regarding “Recognition”.

In a previous article I said that one must first admit that you may have a problem and then take ownership of that problem. Then come the arguments; “I prefer to leave the past in the past. I don’t want to dig up old cows. I’m happy now! Why rock the boat?” Well to be honest there are cases where this argument is true but in my experience those are rare cases.

Let’s stick with the broken leg metaphor that I used in a previous article. Imagine you broke your leg and didn’t go to the hospital to get it fixed, and it healed on its own. Let’s say you were at least wise enough not to go too far on it for a while. Then it would heal itself, because as they say time heals (not really, but let’s not get carried away). Okay, so your broken bone has healed, mostly on its own, but it’s healed crookedly, it’s healed badly, and you’re walking with a limp. Compared to when it broke recently, it’s not that bad, not that bad and you can get around. Now at least you can go out, limping, but you can walk. You’ve adapted to it and gotten used to it, you’ve learned to live with it sometimes to such an extent that you’ve completely forgotten that you even have a limp.

What I am asking you to do now is notice that you are limping. Not only that, I’m asking you to not only notice it, but to admit you have one, and I highly recommend you “go back” and fix it! Some people’s reasoning is; Why? Is it really necessary to go back and possibly even get it broken again so you can put it right again? My answer to that is; “How well, how fast and how far do you want to run?”

If you are 77, successfully retired, healthy and still happily married to your wife after 58 years like my dad, then yes, don’t go looking for the lame one. “Don’t bother digging up old cows,” as he says. However, I would strongly recommend that if at all you find a “lame” that is still wreaking havoc in your life, no matter how bad it is and no matter how little or how much damage has been done, you need to fix it. You have to identify it, acknowledge it, deal with it and let it go… for good. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are. If you’re struggling with a problem, dig up the root and deal with it.

Again in the language of the metaphor, I want to enable you to run as fast and as far as absolutely possible with no obstacles at all.

Another thing to remember is that when we run around in circles because of a limp, we affect others. When we complain or complain because we can’t run as far as we want, we affect others. When we don’t want to get out of bed and use our legs at all, because it’s just too much trouble, we affect others. So this getting “fixed” and whole again isn’t just about us, it’s about everyone around us too. I’m not saying that we have to do something specifically just because someone else wants us to do it. We have to want to do it for ourselves first, be healed and be free of it because we want to. Otherwise, you will never really be free of it anyway.

So let’s sort ourselves out. Let’s “Free our minds” from all that holds us back from winning the human race as my book says and “Just do it!” as Nike says!

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