If you are looking for dairy cows for sale, you may be particularly interested in finding Friesian cows for sale. This breed is also known as Holstein Friesian. Farmers are attracted to this breed for many reasons, including their ease of calving and their higher levels of milk production. We have included some interesting facts about this breed of cattle in the following article.

Distinguishable by their black and white (and sometimes red and white) markings which are clearly identifiable rather than blended; this cattle breed comes from Europe and has existed for around 2000 years. Their bloodlines can be traced to the Netherlands. A fully grown Friesian cow will typically weigh 580 kg, and is around 147 cm.

They were first introduced into Canterbury in 1884 by a farmer named John Grigg, who made his way to the North Island a few years later.

Their high milk yield means this breed can produce up to 20 liters of milk per milking each day. This corresponds to 4,000 liters of milk per season after a largely grass-based diet. Protein and lactose are found in high concentrations in milk. Therefore, it is common to see dairy herds made up mainly of this breed. In New Zealand, this breed makes up 43% of all dairy cows. The second most popular breed in New Zealand is Jerseys, followed by mixed breeds.

If you are new to dairy farming, you may find the following facts interesting:

– The dairy industry is New Zealand’s largest export earner with an average of $11 billion. It is also one of the fastest growing industries in the country

– Our dairy products make up a third of the international dairy trade

– Some of the biggest export markets include: the USA, China and Japan

– The largest milk production company in New Zealand is Fonterra

– The most populated dairy producing region in New Zealand is the Waikato/South Auckland region

– Nordøya has 81% of the country’s milk-producing farms

In addition to the Waikato/South Auckland regions, you can also easily find Friesian cows for sale in these regions as well: Northland, Lower North Island, Canterbury and Southland.

It is a good idea to contact a livestock company in the area where you want to farm. A professional company will be able to connect you with sellers of high quality stocks. A reputable company will have livestock agents who are knowledgeable in a variety of cattle breeds, including Friesian cows.

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