It is often difficult to tell what a cat’s feelings are. For example, how do you know a cat loves you? Cats don’t talk, so you’ll have to find another way to tell. Here are some tips for getting in touch with your cat’s feelings.

1. By her tail

A cat’s tail often shows a good expression of how she is feeling. If her tail is hitting you or a nearby object hard, she may be a little tense about something.

However, if her tail is erect or curled around you, or she is slapping you playfully, this probably indicates that the cat is happy. She tells you that she likes being with you and feels relatively calm at the moment.

2. Spinning

Most, if not all, cat owners know that purring is a sign of a cat’s contentment. The louder the purr, the more she enjoys your company.

Now don’t be misled if your cat doesn’t purr; this does not mean your cat hates you. It just means that maybe your cat never purrs, or maybe she just doesn’t feel like it. But please don’t get discouraged if she doesn’t purr.

3. She follows you around

A good sign that a cat loves you is by showing you that she wants to be near you all the time. She will follow you around everywhere, to every room in your house.

Your cat will want to be the center of attention many times. So, for example, if you are working on your kitchen table, she will jump on your table to watch. If you take a bath, she will be happy to be with you in the bath, with her paws on the edge of the bath. She will be your main focus.

4. Your cat won’t let you leave the house

Say you’re going to work. As you leave and walk towards your front door, your cat plops right in front of you.

Your cat is telling you that she doesn’t want you to go. She knows you have to go, but she doesn’t want you to. She wants you to stay and keep her company.

And there’s nothing you can do but step over her and leave. Or you can pick her up and cuddle her for a moment, letting her know you love her and will miss her. She will miss you too.

5. Kneading you

Cats knead a lot, but if they knead on your lap, it’s a sign of trust. They see you as a mother because as kittens they knead their mother to receive milk flow.

Kneading is also a sign of marking you. But it is certainly a sign of love and trust from your cat.

There are other signs that cats use to show their love for you. For example, giving you gifts (sometimes previously alive), talking to you in Cat Language, and staring at you. Hopefully you can understand the cat’s love for you and you will love and care for the furry one very much.

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