You might think that a cat fountain, which gives the cat running water to drink, sounds like a bit of a luxury. However, there are good reasons why vets recommend using a pet fountain for your cat, but at the same time you need to know which features to look for and which to avoid.

Perhaps you have never considered buying a cat fountain for your cat. Cats instinctively prefer running water – perhaps you’ve noticed your cat trying to drink from the tap? If you feed your cat dry food, it is important that he drinks plenty of fresh water every day. Are you worried that your cat is not drinking enough water from its bowl?

Reviews of various models are mixed, with some scoring very highly and others being disappointing. I am happy with the model I chose and it is available online at an excellent price. The filters also seem to be quite affordable. I am glad I bought a cat fountain for my cat and now I appreciate why they are so highly recommended by vets.

A cat fountain with fresh, clean running water will help your cat drink more water. This will keep him hydrated and help avoid health problems. Health problems caused by dehydration can include urinary tract infections and kidney problems.

Cats are prone to a condition called cat acne on the chin. This is caused by bacterial infection. The bacteria can harbor unseen in scratches that occur from daily use of plastic bowls. For this reason, a cat fountain made of ceramic or stainless steel is recommended.

The best cat drinking fountains have a very quiet motor. This is important as noise can be disturbing to your cat and can scare him or deter him from drinking. You need to choose a pet fountain that is easy to clean. You don’t want one that is difficult or time-consuming to clean. It is preferable to use one that can be washed in a dishwasher for hygiene when you have lifted out the pump. It is also important to choose one with an easy-to-change filter that is long-lasting and economical.

Finally, you need to choose one with a large capacity. A cat fountain should last enough to keep one cat supplied with fresh drinking water for a few days. If you have multiple cats, your pet fountain should hold enough water so that you only need to refill it once a day.

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