There are many different horse training techniques available. Some owners are more than happy to have a horse that carries them at a leisurely pace down a trail, while others want a horse that can perform in competitions.

For a horse to succeed in the task you want it to perform, it must be receptive and able to learn. The most commonly used horse training techniques use the horse’s natural responses to perform tasks. Teaching horses specific tasks is a fairly simple procedure, but one that is often mishandled despite good intentions.

Horses basically learn through trail and error and by reacting to certain signals. When the horse has responded to a signal, the trainer must recognize the response and reward the horse.

Here are some tips in horse training techniques:

Plan your training sessions carefully. Because horses have days off, it is important for the trainer to have an alternative plan available.

Warm up your horse physically and mentally before you start training

Give simple signals with immediate rewards.

Use positive and negative reinforcement during training

Recognize when the horse tries to give a correct response and reward small parts of the desired response.

Know the lesson you are trying to teach and be persistent with that lesson.

Another good horse training technique is to find ways to keep the horse’s attention on you. Changes in movement, direction and pace are good ways to keep the horse’s attention on you.

Horses live in the present. They don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow, so if you think you might have made a mistake, just fix it and keep working.

Also remember that healthy, happy horses with properly adapted tack will give you the best performances. So take good care of your horse and he will respect and obey you, making horse training techniques much more effective.

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