(Listen, elicit (be drawn out, what is latent or potential), ask, repeat and nurture)

Do you currently live in the city where you grew up or spent most of your time?

formative years? If you go home on holiday or visit family members in

town or city in your upbringing? Have you moved to another city nearby or another

part of town?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I ask you: How does it make you feel?

either to be there or to go there? What do you remember most about the place?

What about the way the neighborhood sounded? Or like the popular restaurant

in the city smelled? Do you remember how the grass felt when you were playing tag or hide and seek

and searching? How about the taste of bologna sandwiches? Remember?

If you can remember any of that, congratulations, you’re human and had a childhood. If

no, so welcome to earth and I hope your stay here will be wonderful. I started with

ask these questions to make us remember some of the things from our youth.

While you were growing up, I’m sure you had your share of “older people” (parents,

teachers, neighbors, etc.) tell you what to do and what not to do. And as you have

older you learned that some of what you were told could actually have saved you

some bumps and bruises. However, many people spend a lot of time talking

instead of listening.

Listening is rarely taught at school and while most of our parents or guardians

demanded that we listen to them, no one ever taught us how to listen. I mean sure

we were taught how to eat with utensils, how to tie your shoes or how to say “please”

and thank you’. But never learned how to do what most people insisted that we

should do: LISTEN.

Many opportunities have passed us by in life that could have accelerated ours

personal development, financial strength and relational ties by simply knowing

how to listen. Not so much listening to other people, but listening to ourselves. I am

talks about the inner voice (IV) that speaks to us when we are presented with one

empowering opportunity or path and the inner conversation umpire (ICU) that we

hear when a decision needs to be made.

So the first principle of learning properly is to develop proper listening



You know that 1+1=9 and because you know you should speak up

yourself (internally) this guy must be crazy because 1+1=2. What happened when

did you read that 1+1=9? What happened not only physically, but also more importantly

psychological? You should have experienced some dissonance when I make it

such a mathematical error. Internally, a voice (feeling) should have spoken to you

and informed you of the error in my equation. Did you hear that voice? Of

of course you did and by doing so you corrected the error immediately and internally

reproduced the correct answer, which is 2. Take time each day to pay special attention

to the inner dialogue that takes place. Now don’t mistake unauthorized self-talk

or ego-driven delusions for the true voice within that is there to help you in your

growth and development. Meditation, chanting, lighted music or just silence

will help you get a better ear for your “inner conversation judge”. Begin

learn to trust that “gut feeling” or “something inside that is trying to tell you

…” and know that this inner voice will not lead you wrong. Take a few minutes

every day quiet your mind. No thoughts about what you have done, will do or plan

do, just a few minutes of quiet time focused internally without judgment or analysis.

1. So remember that the first principle is to listen.


The next principle after learning to listen is to entice. Did you know there is one?

unlimited supply of brilliance within you and that you are pure potential?

There is no end to the amount of enlightened ideas that can come from everyone

each person.

By learning to listen, you will form the necessary foundation for eliciting or eliciting

the enlightened ideas from yourself. This is real education (to extract what

is within). I know you’ve had one of those glorious moments where you felt it

the world needed a particular product or service and wanted “someone to make

a…” and a month or a few years later you saw exactly the item you wanted

would be made on an infomercial.

You are a walking, breathing, thinking, gold mine (mind) and somewhere along

line you have allowed my (mind) to be shut down or you allowed someone

else to collect and extract the precious jewels that are within you by going to work

every day and give away your talents and jewels for meager earnings or less than

full value. You have now been given permission to extract the jewels from your own

mind (mine) and for my own use to improve society. Take back yours

my mind)! Not only is it a terrible thing to waste, but an even worse thing to give


2. The second principle is to evoke.


Our third principle is to ask. Ask what? Ask who? You might ask! J You must first

start by asking yourself questions. Now, I know some of you might think it’s a little strange

to ask yourself a question, but it’s something you do quite often.

Sometimes you can call it figuring things out, pondering, thinking or wondering.

But whatever you call it, you end up asking yourself a number of questions

questions to arrive at a decision. What we want to do is go deeper and ask big questions

bits of questions. What do I mean by “large part”? Those are the questions that will

gather the greatest amount of information from asking one question. Here is

An example:

– Little question.

Q. Do you like this ezine article?

-Big CHUNK question.

Q. What do you think of this ezine article?

As you can see from the big question, we wanted to collect a lot more

information as a result of asking it, rather than the previous question. During

the process of escaping the cowherd of mediocrity the questions you ask yourself

and others can determine the rate at which you grow and develop. The object is

to become what my good friend Jerry ‘DRhino’ Clark calls a “Charging Rhino”,

charging in the jungle of life towards the land of paradise. And you can learn more

to become a “Charging Rhino” by visiting http://www.clubrhino.com and becoming one

member of one of the most elite groups of people anywhere on the World Wide Web.

Ask yourself the following questions. What do I need to believe in order to

become financially secure? Go ahead, ask again and listen very carefully as the inner one

voice (IV) connects and begins to drill deep into your thoughts (mine). Start now to

extract the answer from the depths of your being. I know it’s a little hard right now,

but as you learn to maneuver through your mind, the process will become easier

and automatically. Ask the question again and do it several times during the day

and let the answer come from within you. You will get a deeper one

understanding of this principle by simply “Educating Your Expectations” with

Artemis Limpert, who is a master trainer and motivator.

Now I want you to ask yourself: What do I need to do to become financially secure?

And finally, ask yourself: When do I have to do it? And I will allow you to use a cheat

sheet on the last question by giving you the answer: The answer is NOW!

3. Remember that the third principle is to ask.


I said the answer is NOW! This fourth principle is not as simplistic as one might at first think

Think that. Not only should you go back to the first principle and go through the process

again, but you should also repeat the answers back to yourself mentally and audibly

you get to the big questions you’ve been asking. This will demonstrate your

understanding of what you have heard and extracted and will also help with “coding”

the answers into your subconscious.

Repeat! Now I want you to identify someone you really admire and whose life

was or is a great blessing and benefit to society. If you have trouble finding

someone I suggest you check out the audio “Standing on the Shoulder of Giants”.

series, which is literally bursting at the seams with interviews of very admirable people

human beings. No matter what area of ​​life this person affected or if anyone else

can find them “good” or not is not the point, I want you to identify someone who

you admire and whose particular way you want to incorporate into your life. Next

I want you to find out as much as you can about this person. Such as where they

was born, childhood events, hardships, trials, triumphs, etc. And I want you to do that

try to identify an event or series of events that you feel may have contributed

to this person who adopts that particular way about them that you most admire.

Once you have done this you should go through your life and find someone

circumstances you can where you could have adopted a similar “certain way” as one

the result of the circumstances of your life. Repeat this process for each one

positive qualities that you find in others that you want to keep. Repeat the successful

actions of successful people and you will be successful.

4. So remember that the fourth principle is to repeat.


Our fifth and final principle of “Escaping the Cow Pasture of Mediocrity” is to

care. Eat positive and uplifting mental food. Read my EzineArticles as

“From Goal-Setting to Giving” or listen to audio programs such as “Meet The Goal”.

Take good care of your mind. It is not enough to be physically health-conscious

and still the mind neglects.

Show love and appreciation for the new and empowering ideas and ideals that are

presented to you as well as those coming from within. Have total compassion for

yourself as well as others. Nourish mind, body and soul at every opportunity

with positive and empowering books, tapes and talks. Practice yourself

perfection in every moment. Develop the discipline necessary to live a peaceful,

productive and inspired life while sharing all you have with the rest of the community.

You have been given permission to be anything you want; and thinking of all of you

had to do was LEARN

5. And the fifth principle is to nurture.


1. Listen

2. Evoke

3. Ask

4. Repeat

5. Grooming

Cultivate the courage to roar!


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