What makes cats unhappy?

Cats are among the most popular pets in the world. This is because they are cute, playful, funny and curious, as well as low maintenance compared to dogs and other animals. However, they are very idiosyncratic and each cat has a list of things they like and dislike. Here are 6 of the things they usually hate.

Road trips

Cats, like people, have habits. They have their own territory and routines, plus they really hate it when changes take place. Additionally, the idea of ​​a moving vehicle makes them feel confused and unhappy. However, there is a good reason why cats don’t like cars. They tend to experience motion sickness and vomiting due to anxiety.


There’s an old story about cats hating to get wet. Firstly, unlike humans and dogs, cats do not need to be bathed as they are good at grooming themselves. However, there are some breeds like the big cats, who love the wet stuff. Usually, a normal domestic cat will do its best to avoid water.

Stomach rubs

One of the areas that separates cats from dogs is the former’s hatred of being rubbed on the stomach. Cats have a very strong instinct and the most vulnerable part of their body is their stomach. When a person pats a cat’s belly, this causes a defensive response such that the cat may attack his/her hand with its four paws, claws out. The cat’s reaction is a reflex that comes naturally, so it is best to avoid touching the belly.

Loud noises

When a cat hears a loud noise, it believes that danger is approaching, so this will cause a fight response. Cats usually strike when they sense commotion such as fireworks, cars honking and loud parties. Sometimes a cat can be startled by just a sneeze.

To be brushed

Brushes are acceptable for cats that have been trained to tolerate them when they were still young. Otherwise, a cat will struggle and try to escape when approached by someone holding a brush. Cats can be very fickle and will let people know if they like being brushed or not.

Aggressive petting

Cats may want to show that they are rough predators, but deep down they are very soft and cuddly. When people pet their cat too aggressively, it will become irritated and may even hit them with its paws or claws. Also, this will overstimulate your feline and trigger the fight response.

Too much attention

Dogs always like to get the attention of their owners, but on the other hand, cats like minimal attention. Cats cannot stand being followed around, carried around all the time or forced to endure constant petting. When cats want their owner’s attention, they continuously meow and rub their leg. There is no need to force this.

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