Compost tea is a nutritionally rich “extract” of microbes, enzymes and bioactive plant compounds made from compost. It is a real organic fertilizer.

You cannot use the same fertilizer to grow crops in soil to grow hydroponic gardens. The reason is that soil will interact with the fertilizer in a much different way than water without soil. Therefore, a different fertilizer must be used for hydroponic nutrients.

Then there are the arguments that chicken manure is the best fertilizer. I’ve even heard people tell you to mix it with cow manure and add it directly to your garden. That’s a definite mistake because fresh manure of any kind will be too “hot” and burn your plants. Chicken and cow droppings must be stored and composted to provide the beneficial microbes in safe quantities. This is now as easy as using a compost tea bag.

I have discovered the best compost tea bags made by a particular family farm in Stony Point, North Carolina.

At first glance, I didn’t see anything special about their compost tea until I tried it in my own garden. The results were nothing short of amazing. I grow everything in 10′ flower pots. The plants are greener. The squash, tomatoes and cucumbers are beautiful.

I personally went to Smith Farm to ask about the formula for making compost tea bags. You see, they have a “secret recipe” in creating the entire process of making compost tea bags.

Shhh! They use cow manure with dairy milk.

“There is almost no smell because it is made from dairy cow manure which is the creme de la creme of gourmet cow pies!”

At Smith Farm they pointed out that plant roots have few hairs and if these ever dry out, the plants will die. Compost tea bags will add enough hydroponic nutrients to the watering solution to satisfy your plants. It is truly a beneficial organic fertilizer whether you are growing in hydroponic systems or in container gardening. On the dairy farm, they have a saying:

“If it works for us, it will work for you.”

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