Cat food for urinary tract health in cats

Cats are prone to urinary tract health problems. In fact, 30% of cats worldwide may suffer from urinary tract problems at some point in their lives. One way to keep the cat away from urinary […]

What makes cats different from other animals

There are many differences between cats and other animals. All felines, from large wild cats to small domestic cats, have common features. Scientists claim that the cat species evolved about 40 million years ago from […]

The Modern Man – How to be cocky and funny

Today’s modernized world has changed the way we do almost everything. From the simple, everyday tasks, to the life-changing action, everything has been fine-tuned in one way or another. Dating is no exception. But how […]

The best toys for your cat

There are two reasons why getting toys for your cat is a good idea. Firstly, because they will enjoy playing with them, keeping them occupied and entertained, and secondly, because they will not use your […]

From rooster to dog with feng shui tips

Both the rooster and the dog are domestic animals, but nevertheless very different in scope and characteristics. In the pecking order of domestic birds, the rooster dominates, living outdoors and announcing daily that “the early […]