It’s no surprise that cats are some of the most treasured pets in the United States. Between their cute charms and intelligent personalities, they have everything going for them. But what if there were a few things your cat wanted to tell you? Here are 7 things we think your cat wants to make sure you knew about them – straight from your cat’s mouth!

1. I love the outdoors, but I will live longer if you keep me inside.

The outdoors seems more like my natural habitat, with all kinds of wonders to explore and pursue. Still, it’s not the best place for me to live. Did you know that I only have a lifespan of 2-5 years while living outdoors? It’s terribly short! But if you keep me indoors in the warmth and friendliness of your home, I can live up to 17! Which means that there are about 15 extra years of sweet cuddles and kisses from me just for you.

2. I only meow for you, not for other cats.

Cats don’t need to meow at other cats except for the occasional hissing fits we have when we feel threatened. We’re just meowing at you people! When we are kittens, we meow to let our mother know when we need food or a little extra comfort. As adult cats, we do not need to meow except to talk to you to let you know when we are hungry, want to say hello, or if something is wrong. And the more you talk to us, the more we want to talk to you!

3. I need more than dry cat food, please.

I don’t just look like a tiger… I have to eat like one too! As a cat, I am a true carnivore, which means I need a meat-based diet. Of course, I like to eat dry food to nibble on during the day, but it is not the healthiest diet if I only eat dry food. I am more prone to obesity and diabetes than my furry friends who live on a wet food diet.

4. I need you to spend some engaging time with me every once in a while — I’m bored.

When you go to work, I get sad! I love company. If I don’t have a sister or brother to play with, I need friendship even more. When you get home, please don’t just play on your phones or watch TV. Spend some time with me and engage my senses! Play some cat toys with me and give me some exercise while we get a chance to bond – just human and cat. Not only will I love you for it, but it will also wear me out a little so I’m ready for bed.

5. Sitting with me can help reduce stress and the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Did you know that owning me reduces the risk of stroke by a third? It is true! My cute little furry spirit can help reduce stress and anxiety and can also help you with the vibrations from my purrs.

6. Don’t get mad at me for scratching, I NEED to scratch!

When you see me scratching your furniture, it’s not because I want to destroy your sofa. I really just need a good place to stretch my feet and claws! I also have to throw away some of my outer claw layers when they get old and brittle. Sometimes I scratch things to mark my territory by leaving claw marks and a scent. Please don’t be mad at me, it’s my instinct! A good way to remedy this is to get hold of some scratching posts or poles. This way I know there is a safe place where I can stretch and scratch on a daily basis.

7. Just because you call my name doesn’t mean I’m coming.

No matter how cute my cat name is, you can call it a million times and I can still just stare out the window. Trust me, I know my name. I’ve learned that from all the times you’ve told me. Because I’m a cat, I have no compulsion to obey you like Fido the neighbor does. If you call a dog, he will come running right away because you are higher up in the hierarchy. None of that matters to me. I remember everything from the last time you made me take that stupid medicine to the second time you took me to the vet. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you, I just choose to do things my way.

Hopefully these cat care tips will help you grow closer to your little cat and also help your kitten live the healthiest life they can so they can spend more time being a companion to you.

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