When we think about getting rid of chipmunks, all methods can be divided into two categories; humane and mortal.

Humane methods can further be divided into categories such as capturing chipmunks alive and using scare tactics to drive them from your yard. There are also a number of natural repellents that can get right up a chipmunk’s nose, and three of these techniques will be discussed in this article.

1. Cat litter

Chipmunks are terrified of cats – it’s built into their natural instincts.

If getting a cat to mark its territory around your yard isn’t an option, you need the next best thing: cat litter.

If you have a friend, relative or neighbor who has a pet cat (or cats), ask them to give you the cat’s litter the next time they change it instead of throwing it out. Then spread the contents of the litter tray around your garden.

The pungent stench of cat urine will be enough to scare even the most hardened chipmunk off your property.

2. Fox Urine Pellets

Staying with the “urine” theme, the next chipmunk repellent on the list is fox urine.

Again, the fox is a natural chipmunk predator, and if Mr. Chipmunk thinks Fantastic Mr. Fox is lurking around the neighborhood, he’ll start thinking seriously about packing up and moving on.

You can get fox urine in pellet or liquid form from many garden centers and even online from Amazon. One of the best is DeerBuster’s 100% Fox Urine, which is a little hard to find on Amazon because it’s marketed as a bait to attract foxes rather than a repellent to get rid of chipmunks – but it works great!

3. Mothballs

For some unknown reason, chipmunks hate mothballs!

Scatter them around your garden and if you know where the entrances to their tunnels are (which is not easy as they are often very well hidden) stick some mothballs into their holes too.

Also, if the chipmunks get into places they shouldn’t, like the garage or under your floor, put some mothballs in there to keep them out.

It’s probably fair to say that mothballs are more of a deterrent than a repellent, because even though chipmunks don’t particularly like them and will try to avoid them, they probably won’t force them off your property.

Other methods

Although chipmunk repellents can get rid of your chipmunk infestation, there are more effective methods of chipmunk removal, the best of which is to use either humane or lethal chipmunk traps.

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